J. Cole - Before I'm Gone (Friday Night Lights Mixtape) (2010)

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J. Cole - Before I'm Gone (Friday Night Lights Mixtape) lyrics

I hit the weed
I tell myself the last time will be my last
I don’t trust my own niggers
Now my mum ..
Got my foot up on a gas
Gut a hundred on the desk
If the police runs upon me
I’m not stoppin’ for their …
Boy you know my ill is dirty
If they stop me
I’m goin’ to jail surely/ shortly
I’ll be next to my brother in the cell
No bail for me man
Let me out
Send me back to bitches that smell
Party up all I got to do
Is call them up and they are ready
Yeah I’m .. can you tell?

I put up through hell
I don’t even open my mail
I’m gonna shave with a soap and a tail
I need .. bad bitches all in the crowd
Pussy niggers running their mouth
And we ain’t flitching
Your name’s in the ..
I got drains bigger than your hole …
You make it so broke
But some how you’re so drain
I guess .. getting collecting money

One time for the city
Two times for you (repeats)