Ivan - The Decadent Mind Of Patient L54; In Memories, From Father To Son lyrics

Oh her eyes so pure are sliipping into his dreams
Pluse drops, sirens still miles away
Hold on mom i know
Your strong, your doing just fine
Feel my hand, see my eyes, hear my voice, im still here
And im not letting you go

In the end i see he was only machine
And the gun in the safe will cure this disease

And i heard, as in dreams, was his voice, he confessed that he came for our sakes/
Now i sit at the grave where she lies in the presence of corpses who rest wearing tears and roses/
Of sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers, and bosses and friends, and forgetting children. this mother, my mother, who died from my father, and gave her own life.
And if i would have known when he knocked on that door, would i run, would i scream, would i tear my own flesh and blood.
Theres a man at the end of the hall
And today, hes coming home
She will look down,
Like the sheet pulled over his eyes/
Another house up for sale,
Another life where the rules dont apply.

In the end i see, i am only machine.
And the gun in the safe will cure this disease.

I will
Not be him
Oh god no
He is me
I am he

In the end i see, we are all just machine
Marching single file
And were walking the streets day dreaming the same sad dream