Itchy Poopzkid - Say No! lyrics

Every month, every week, every day,
Thoughts and plans and hopes to finally get away.
Whining, crying, hoping, wishing, day to day.
Listen to the wise words that I say!

Open your eyes, open your mind, everything.
Let it all out, do it without questioning.
Get up on top, get up and stop wondering.
Leave it alone, leave it behind weakening.

So, I wanna know, why you're running round in circles,
Why you're heading back to where you started?
So, I wanna know, will there ever be
Another state of mind that you'll discover?

Now pack your bags get up my friend,
Or it will start over again.
Do what I did a long time ago,
When what I said, yeah, what I said was...

Circulating, love is fading on and on,
Heart is breaking, no forsaking, oh so wrong.
Crawling backwards, on your knees, what's it for?
Daily breakout, daily crash, forever more.

Why can't you see? It's your same old enemy.
Make up your mind. Do you need that agony?
This is no lust, this is just fake, trust in me.
Break it all up, break it all down finally