It Bites - Ghosts lyrics

Tearing ivy, leaving Sunday, here we go again
Another open letter, well, a reason to explain
I used to walk so quietly, I’d sit beneath the stairs
And all the while it’s just a lie, the signs were never there

Whenever I go back there, I see ghosts
However close I get, you are the thing I love the most
Whenever I go back there, I stand still
How everything reminds me of a space I have to fill this time

Tearing ivy, leaving Monday, pushing through the rain
I couldn’t bear to leave you but I didn’t dare to stay
I used to watch the 35s, I tried to break the wall
However far I travel, there’s no distance there at all


I’m walking in your footsteps but it’s one step at a time
This looking back is easier than straying from the line
I still believe in little steps, the quietest of all are best
The past is behind me, it hurts still, it binds me

I’m tired of disaffection, this affliction can’t be bought
You promised me a million, here’s a penny for your thoughts
I used to see in black and white and read between the lines
Now everything I hated I’m becoming more with time