Isopoda - Acrostichon lyrics

Ice grew thick upon the water, no little chance to make a gap
Snowmen growing by the storm, swaying swords and menacing straps
Only a very good fighter could get through this white falanx
Possibly too the sun could destroy it, but that bitch kept hiding herself
On our side and lack of spirit, some of us even shaking with fear
Dozens of dangers still increasing, we saw our luck wasn't near
As though a muse had entered into our dying minds
Something excited our tongues, made us sing loud

Will this be the end of us?
Shall we give up trying, all of us?
Oh no, we must not cowardly
Leave all the friends we used to have

All that we heard was our sad complaint
If we don't raise our heads we'll be killed
Now what should a man be like if he weren't
Strong enough to pull himself together
Weak as we were we found it so hard
To follow the right way to make up our minds
But at the moment of complete despair
The voice we were waiting for shouted

How could you ever break through just lying down there!
Oh Lord, is it You who are speaking up there?
We shall never behave cowardly,
Thanks to You we'll be brave and we'll never give in!

Where's that dirty snowman, I'm gonna crush his head
You just take the other one, and beat him to death
After this we'll run, the sun will do her job
We gonna break the ice, and no-one will get lost

So we thought, and fleeing on the flow
We were finally facing our release
And just when our hands could reach the shore
Turned our faces backwards to the lake

There were cries for help coming out of the mist
All we saw was just a body bound to drown
Struggling for breath it went down into the deep
Pale turned our faces, watching bubbles rise

All distressed, weeping just like kids
Pulling each other upon the shore
We found out there was one solution left
We must go on fighting evermore

If you read this acrostic a few times on your own
You will grasp what's been done
Before the tunes of a new song were born