Irate - Dishonor lyrics

From the throne you have stepped down. Disgraced his honor's royal crown. Distorted lies reveal your truth. The evidence does not delude that you are nothing but a man that never stood for what he stands. So as you search for sympathy, realize you won't get it from me.
That's right. I'll come get it. I'll inflict my sweet revenge on you. Cannot forgive your dishonor.
That's right. I won't let it interfere with what we're here to do. Cannot forgive your dishonor.
Faster, bastard, feel me up with your disaster. Faster, bastard, I knew you'd never passed her.
You can paint the greed lines, and you can color disease. Just don't ask for me when the honor cesedes. You can take what you fake, all that you chereish so dear. Just don't look for me, I'll always be here. Cannot forgive your dishonor...
Yeah call me a fake. Call me a goner. You fucking disgrace, you live without faith, you live without honor. I've stared in the eyes of a self-righteous liar who lacks mental strength, shows no respect and has no desire. Yea fill me up with some more self-pity, a constant bore. You keep your distaste. You keep you restraint. You keep your dishonor