Iona - The Ancient Wells lyrics

Let us climb this hill

Let us climb this hill in the footsteps of Patrick
Let us fall to our knees and worship with Your angels
Let us call out to You and declare Your holy word
Let us prophesy in every direction

That the ancient wells will be opened again
That Your river will flow and this land will be cleansed
That Your kingdom will come, we'll have heaven on earth
And revival will fall, and we'll witness Your glory in this land

Let us take to the streets in the footsteps of those
Who surrendered their hearts to the High King of heaven
Let us reach out our hands to the sick and the needing
Let us carry your Glory in every direction

Let us drive out the snakes that have crossed our borders
They have hidden in the shadows but the darkness is retreating
Let us climb the high places declaring Your kingdom
Close the gates to the devil in every direction

Rain has fallen on the land,
Frozen deep within the ground,
Life has gone, the colour fades,
Heaven waits to hear the sound,
Worship rises like a song,
Life returns, the colour shows,
Rocks and concrete break apart,
Wells are opened and the water flows.