Invincible - Ransom Note (feat. ANOMOLIES) lyrics

Lyrics by Invincible and ANOMOLIES

Storm up to the door thinking that we kicking down using a trojan horse
It won't open with force, our moment's short, so what's the last resort?
Picking the lock – plan B skeleton key sticking
Covered up in gloves and hats so they cant match our description

A.N.S. masked marauders
Hip hop's doctors without borders
Operation: No More Lies
Kidnaps the daughter of a media mogul
Who hijacked the hip hop game
We took her to close the gap
We demand a prisoner exchange

Now, run in the back room. Don't nobody say shit
Helixx C grab that chick before she runs quick
Don't worry 'bout her man, he done made me mad
Fold that ni**a like a press shirt and fold him in a body bag

Big Tara:
In the hummer now we're off as I proudly thought my crew
Initiates the long awaited media coup
A car passes blastin' music from the bullshit charts
Ain't no turning back from here, ANOMOLIES is going hard

(There's been a big kidnapping... She screams when the men burst in and started beating her fiance. The young heiress was forced into the trunk of a white car...Police say the whole thing was carried out with commando-like precision...What we received in the mail today appears to be a seven page statement plus a tape recording...and according to the demands we will outline here it says all these things must be publicized in full...which is what we're doing now.)

Now, listen up people: This is our communiqué
If you want your daughter, be wise and do just what we say

Tell the truth - you own both right wing AMs full of haters
And the FM's who cater to the lowest common denominator

Tell the truth about payola-based quotas and your motives
To hold our attention so you sell it to the highest donor

Truth is, your companies wanting to stifle freedom of speech
Cuz without neutrality, the net will filter what you see

We resorted to these tactics cuz you know you can afford it
We demand our own stations so our voices ain't distorted

We demand you break bread for the babies – they need educating
Updated books and computers for the future they're creating

We demand that you give us our wireless citywide
And make it free so we can truly end the digital divide

We demand that you stop making hip hop commercialized
Before it meets its own demise by the devil in disguise.

(Dad, I'm ok, I just hope that you'll do what they say, dad, and do it quickly.... I just want you to know that I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of there. It's a little frightening because the initial demand is one that's impossible to meet. However in the next 24-48 hrs I'll be trying my best to come back with some kind of a counter offer that's acceptable.)

A station, they said you could have it right here, fill out this bureaucratic nightmare
They'll tell us if it's up to standard in 5 years.

Gave excuses, no books or computers to the youth
Free stickers and hats to every single public school

They said they're giving us the wireless, it's trash
Taxing us with hidden fees, they profit while we crash.

Just because you throw a bone, that don't make it grub
Rap stars and Nascar, that's not what we asked for

You want your daughter? come and get her

But when he arrived, surprise! All that he found was a letter.

She said, "Pops i've known since i've been grown,
You hijacked the minds of the masses,
Gave 'em Stockholm syndrome
I helped ANOMOLIES plot all along
To take your monopoly spot,
And while you're reading this we're gone."

Creating our own outlets even if it ain't out yet
Seeing typical trends through a critical lens
Making media, music, so you have no influence

Invincible and Helixx:
Mobilizing a movement so your brainwashing is useless

(There's an opportunity for a new society to be built on people who are transforming themselves and who are not just opposing those who oppress them.)