Invincible - Keep Goin' (feat. Wordsworth & indeed) lyrics

Lyrics by Invincible, Wordsworth and Indeed. NOTE: only Invincible verses are included below.

(I keep goin)
Even when i wanna stop
(I keep goin)
Even when i wanna stop,
Is it the release of the anger that makes me murder the tracks?
Or the silent majority turning their backs?
Is it the passion or the love or the drive or the faith?
Is it the knowledge that our lives are at stake?
Is it preparing for the moment when opportunity knocks?
(I keep goin)
Even when i wanna stop

To all the haters and biters
You motivate us in ciphers
My flows and cadence relayed it to notebooks paper papyrus
Been on tour with bronchitis laryngitis
Every night I rock despite it
Some of these cats acting like they wearing diapers
And I keep keep on
Even when my hand tires
No labels or vampires
No funders or grantwriters
Inspired by freedom fighters
Before us and coming after us
To the present survivors of human massacres–
If you "considered suicide when rainbows were not enough"
And bank rolls were clotted up
Its painful I brought it up
The truth gotta come out from different angles its bottled up
Serve it with a ladle from the cradle til my body's dust
Nothin else synonymous to the feeling i get from demanding respect
And knowing that i'm earning all my papes
(I keep goin)
Stay persistent you determining your faith
(I keep goin)
Always changing cuz I learn from my mistakes
(I keep goin)