Interface - Mind Killer lyrics

Caught between the boundaries
Of what is right and wrong
This spectre of uncertainty
Constricting me so long
I've waited for the answers
I've waited for the sign
I've hoped for any chance of seeing
What you're trying to find
The strength of your conviction
Has nearly worn me out
This deceit you've given me
has shown what you're about
I've waited for the words to come
To wash away the time
Return me to my only world
Release me from this crime

You cannot bring me down
I won't stand this anymore
I will fight until the end
I must not fear, I will not fear

Waiting for the time to come
To break away my chains
I want to kill the anger
But the anguish still remains
You took your chance to show off
Your powers over me
Hoping that eventually
I'd be your casualty
The scars of your devotion
Will surely never heal
And memories of what you said
Will always seem so real
I've waited for the moment
That your weakness will come through
Return me to my freedom
Far away from you

You never brought me down
I withstood your every move
I will rise up to the world
I must not fear, I will not fear

Never fear
It kills the mind
It kills the soul