Interface - Metalstorm lyrics

Throw your head up sound your cry
Don't expect a reason why
Is this for a worthy cause
Or another dream that never was

Well you can run but you can't hide
From the pain you keep inside
Can you pass the chance to live
Or have you nothing left to give

Your peers have turned and killed their sires
Set a global cultural fire
See no answers in the skies
The only option is to die

We grow up into our world
Pledge allegiance, flag unfurled
Systems made to control your life
Sanity first, a house and wife

Your innate luck has just run out
Find out what life's all about
Join into the wasted scourge
Watch the system's power converge
Fear is a weapon of the strong
You'll be struck it won't be long
Say good bye to what you need
It'll only help you bleed
You've been mesmerized
A bleeding heart in a world of strife
Somehow you've left behind

All the things that once made up your life