Interface - Indecision lyrics

Each turn I take in the road up ahead
Is sure to instill me with endless regret
No answer is given to make it all right
The objects are hidden and kept out of sight
With each passing moment I can’t seem to see
A way past the shadows of uncertainty
To know every outcome is too much to take
But pulling the line hard will cause it to break
The arc of a choice can continue for years
The ending of laughter or ending of tears
Enlightened by no one, alone on this shore
Encountering what I have not seen before
Points in the map don’t all seem to align
I can’t seem to locate a familiar sign
To excel at nothing, to stumble ahead
On things that I’ve done and on things that I’ve said

Where do I go, what do I see?
Is this the life that I wanted to lead?
What do I feel, what do I believe?
The further I go it gets more unclear

Set down in front of me are different ways
And each one could be right or lead me astray
To take the next step or to weather the storm
To doubt if your choices are truly informed
Upon each direction you’re always aware
The influence to others can never be spared
No matter the actions, the ending is feared
Intentions mean nothing in the presence of tears