Intense Hammer Rage - The Promise Of Horror And Worse To Come lyrics

I've been taken not awaken
Small grey large eyes light in the sky
Them and me surgery
Slice and slashprobe the gash
Please tell me why I’m missing time
And please explain no wounds but pain
Screaming dreaming?
I'm placed on my back set for attack
Bound foot and wrist I don't like this
Dreaming screaming!
They showed me the tools, then cleaned my pools
(of shit and piss)
Blades with pins, needles and bad things
Tall grey surgeon cruelly working
Little green men probing both ends
Nothing sacred laying naked
I am explored by a green horde
They tell me they are here
With us
I live in fear
Sharp spikes in eyes
I want to die
Through to my brain can’t stand the pain
Tall grey surgeon
Cruelly working
Little green men probing both ends
Anal abuse my new use
The tortures done, they've had there fun
They promise me fun but worse to come!