Insane Clown Posse - Still Stabbin' lyrics

I, uh, still have problem...
If it's OK with shriek them...
over there them... The Dark Carnival in general...
It'sthe whole stabbin' thing again,
its... see Iuh...

I stab people, like everyday folks
skinny people, any people, I chop out they throats
My stabbin's are ninja-like with the quickness (hey)
by the time you feel it, I'm like three blocks away
I stabbed the newspaper guy and took his little truck
now I stab people and drive away,
I'm like put-put-put-put-put
I do shows and stab people at the same time, what an act?
I stab barracade security guards in the back of the neck
I love Waffle House, I stab people there
They're so shitty and dumpy they don't even care
I love stabbin' people
Def Leppard, remember them?
well I cut their fuckin' drummer's arm off you can ask him
Lyor Cohen, the president of Island,
I'm at a business meeting with him,
lookin' at him, smilin'
I jumped up to stab him,
but he kicked my ass
seventeenth floor, they threw me out through the glass
Can you..

Help me
Fuck You
Fuckin help
Fuck You
I need you to help me
Fuck you
Somebody come and help me
Fuck You

Jehovah's Witnesses, I swear man I love 'em
they're standin' on the porch knockin'
I waitin' above 'em
Puncture wound victims
right to my door
come back muthafucker,
I'll stab you some more
One time I was a wrestler,
I wrestled the best
I got kicked out though,
I had a knife in my spandex
I stabbed Tony Schiavone,
the commentator guy
before the match I went to shake his hand but
I stabbed him in the eye
I stabbed Norman Smiley in the middle of a match
he was like "what are you doin?"
I said "fuckin' relax"
I stabbed him again and again, I jumped out and ran
everybody chased me, catch me if you can
I tried stabbin' my own brother,
bad news for my health
he twisted my arm back,
I ended up stabbin' myself
I stab cabbie drivers
right through the thick glass
Ginsu, built to last
Can you help me?

Slice em up
Slice em down
Side to side
And all around
They don't help
They don't care
Ginsu swinging everywhere

I saved up my money
And went and saw the Lilith Fair
I started stabbin' lesbians,
there was millions of 'em there
I took off my thong
and I jumped in the pit
but there wasn't any pit,
there's was only me and that was it
But so what,
I was throwin' myself all over the floor
Sarah McLachlan was on stage,
I said "you fuckin' whore"
One time I met Slipknot
and I stabbed their ass'
Stabbed 'em all in the face,
that's why they wear masks
My little newspaper truck runs on a tank of blood
I drive with my lights off
all through the neighborhood
But it's so hard to sneak
because of the muffler
(brrbbrrbrbrbrrrbbrrbrr) I hate that fucker!
I did a song with Three 6 Mafia,
them guys are the shit
we wnt to their studio
and I started rockin' it
After the session,
they all left up out of there
but I stayed behind and stabbed the engineer
Can you help me?

fuck you
you gotta help me
fuck you
i need you to help me
fuck you
mothafuckin help me
fuck you
naw man fuck you
fuck you
fuck all of you
fuck you
you better fucking help me
fuck you
help me help me

Slice em up
Slice em down
Side to side
And all around
They don't help
They don't care
Ginsu swinging everywhere