Input - Fate Is An Assassin lyrics

I’ve taken notes on the present, written songs for the past / I’ve created compositions often mimicking a mask
Hiding from myself again, what’s that aroma? / Just my observation resurrecting from its monthly coma
Drive-by passenger holding up a hand grenade / Singing with the radio on how he can’t stand the pain
Driver is his best friend, a famous hypochondriac / He met him at the bookstore next door to the laundromat

That’s where she works, always in a bad mood / Two pierced nipples and a body full of tattoos
Cigarettes and coffee, breakfast of a head case / Doesn’t have the strength to help her brother, he’s a deadweight
He doesn’t have a job, he lives above the bar / Where the locals and the barflies all know who you are
That’s why she left him, nothing that the future held / Now in love with the first guy that acted like he knew her well

But he’s abusive, treats her like a stranger / Tells her of his last and how he hopes that he can change her
She calls her only friend, the last one standing / Begging for advice because this life is too demanding
She doesn’t have the time, has her own to deal with / 22 and pregnant with a secret she’s concealing
Parents left her at the age of 9 / Holding onto burdens with an appetite to die

Her sister is a lost cause, fell into the wrong group / Heroin and unprotected sex has turned her onto
Many partners, no emotional connections / Except for one but he was killed when he mentioned the name
Of the source of painful divorce / Established his reign as a dangerous force
He supplies four men with an ample amount / They infiltrate the city to disperse of the count

The first is a high school drop out, 16 / He wants to rule the world by doing big things
The second is a graduate of college and intelligent / Unfortunately unemployed and does it just to pay the rent
The third is a father of three / Stands out as the story that’s been bothering me
He prostitutes his children and wrongs his wife / He doesn’t understand so he disregards his life

The fourth is a sad sad song, his own son / Just wants to feel like a man, all grown up
He’s standing on the corner with his innocence / His adolescent nature is indicative
He knows no better as a young child / And at that moment the populous heard a gunfire
The child lay dead in the street / As a car speeds away and disappears from the scene

Two male suspects identifies from where the body’s at / Turned out to be the high school dropout and hypochondriac
Revenge was released as the motive / To get to the source and disrupt his main focus
To get back the life of their brother / Mistakenly killed in the shadow of another
He had a young child on the way / Never to find out because his girlfriend was afraid

And the cycle keeps moving towards the next / The x is the loved one’s a semblance of someone
A poor man loses his son / to a drug, to an addict, an issue, to a gun
The end doesn’t seem so appealing / It seems so depressing, we all know that feeling
But it continues in the same form and fashion / Unpredictable as long as fate is an assassin