Innocent Cabbage - Takin' Off My Belt lyrics

You sit above me and look down
I should've made you eat your crown.

You're having fun now you all
I'm gonna kill you asshole
I'd like to see you with no teeth

And I'm tryin to be the stepdad that you needed
And I'm tryin to be another man who cares
Who cares? Who cares? Your dad, he's dead, and I'm glad
I wish you were the son I never had

Keep draggin' feet along the ground
Come here and hep me axe this down

I need attention! show me affection!
Why don't yo momma she gotta give me sex
And I'm tired of being the one you call your daddy
And I'm tired of being the shitkicker you stand
It's sad, but true, big man, boo hoo
So tonight my belt comes off for you

So I get drunk and I fall down