Innocent Cabbage - Rock Stars lyrics

And we were rockstars and we were kickin it, we all drive the fast cars, don?t take take no bullshit.
Yeah we were rockstars, so can ya feel it? Yeah when the rock starts, you know who started it.

He was a rockstar and he was fashion. He had more money than Christ had passion and he did more dancing, yeah.

And we were rockstars, so back the fuck away. 10,000 groupies who like to suck all day.
Yeah we were rockstars, you want a autograph? Just pull your shirt down or you can kiss my arse.

Now I'm in makeup, no time for the interview. Got a date with Rolling Stone magazine, ain't got no curfew.

Yeah we were rockstars, been there and done all that. We stopped the poverty, coz we weren't down with that.

Yeah we were rockstars, the rich and famous, we fly in coach just to look at your faces. Nothing can change us. Yeah. Famous.