Ink Cartridge Funeral - Trapeze Artist lyrics

We've come full circle back and forth
With the things that matter and the things that don't

Stepping feet are fun until they run and I grieve, but my bloody
Hands that won't wash off and I'm there to see this
That the weapons of this size blew a hole of such unbelievable size

When came the face of fear most flocked away
They saw the face of fear and they all flocked away
When I saw this face I was funktified, I wasn't so smart that day
And so I fucked away

To find you here you have enough inside to breathe, to fucking lie
Till all your thought street signs were not this kind

I took all of these classes on how to survive and how to crush your sole
But then I lost the balls

You try to tempt me away but I won't sway
I won't sway that way
But then I lost it when I fell off of the track and when I lost it
I knew it was time to crash this party and crush your heart

Crushed bodies don't flock
Crushed bodies don't see
Crushed bodies don't feel
Crushed bodies don't breath

You had to break it, then I didn't fit
You then asked what does this do, you stupid fuck

This is where you'll find me my perfect place to be me