Infm - Getting Funky With The Ice lyrics

Going around
The life cycle of screaming faces, no relation's
An expensive world only grasped by those
Lacking patience, conversation

The more we work
(the more we waste)
The more we increase evolution of the decaying trace
That once we were perfect

Peripatetic, great pethetic Neanderthals
Knowing nothing but unimportant rules
The entropy of government
Only comes from revolt
Which leads to unhealthy lives


That night she drank way too many beers
From depression over years
To confront her was too late
You wish you were there to stop her
Maybe that would solve her problem
But that would never solve her f*cking fate

He was born and raised in Tennessee
Never laid his eyes on me
I wasn't mean he was just scared
Police cuffed away his father
After cutting up his mother
Leaving him alone and so impaired