Inferno Friendship Society - Reputation lyrics

Lovers forget
Fighters quit
Long gone
There are
No sec-rets ever,
You are
Your reputation it
Proceeds you

Kissing around
Nights long gone
Live on
There are no secrets
All around
Your reputation proceeds

You say
You say
Lilt on the toungue borrowed
"shall i tell you or just post it on the net?"
Buy me a drink

Williamsburg bridge
Shut down and closed
I wish
There are no secrets ever
Where ever you are
Spikey haired twits follow

Because I am dumb,
I am brave.
I lie
Cop to your regrets never
Just because
Your reputation proceeds

You'll burn your
Self up
Knowing where it's all going

It's no goddamn fun and
It gets nothing done and. . .

Catting around
All night long
Come on
There are no secrets ever
Play it down
Your reputation it, proceeds you

Lovers forget
Fighting we're
Soon gone
Kissing can't last forever
How ever
We are
Here to encourage you