Inferno Friendship Society - Friend To The Frindless lyrics

I'm not above drinking alone
But no good ever comes of it,
Unless you count me talking to you now
So, have you been hurt?
Did you hurt someone?
Did you get all crashed down upon?
Me, I'm a friend to the friendless
Not that I chose it and if I had
Well then who knows?
But that one guy on the train
All talking to himself
Ah, he's talking to me
He's saying
"At school they taught me a prayer for money,
A prayer for crap jobs right till I die
Never a prayer for people, the brokenhearted
The lonely"

Did you let the blues make you bad
Did you get all twisted?
Did you get so drunk you whispered
"I think I'm gonna die?"
Did you pass nights wondering why you never saw it coming?
Nobody ever sees it coming, no exceptions at all
I'm a friend to the friendless and I don't care
If I had a choice in this it wouldn't be fair
But I don't so let's not get all carried away
With shit you wouldn't change anyway
Let's make this a prayer for money
A prayer for Sundays through Mondays
And crap jobs right til I die.
Because where we are we won't always be
And shit man that could be me
Getting hurt, hurting someone
Getting all crashed down upon
Burning holes in butterfly's wings
While wishing just wishing for other things
Nobody ever sees it coming, no exceptions at all
Nobody ever sees it coming, are you ready for this?
Never wear white socks with black shoes
Don't get all twisted
Don't let the blues make you bad
I know you miss him
Don't let your standards fall down with your hair
How it felt when you kissed her
Straighten your tie, tuck in your shirt
I'm a friend to the friendless
And I don't know why but come on kids, please,
We'll walk right on by
I know you are lonely, you'll not always be
You are so many things you will not always be.