Inferno Friendship Society - Annie The Imaginary Lawyer lyrics

Annie the imaginary lawyer in her office down the corner
She's calling Mr. What and Mr. Which and Mr. Who
Annie the imaginary lawyer brokering the important merger
For the firm of bait switch turn into you
Annie the imaginary lawyer is not the latter nor the former
But she knows just what she thinks we should do
Annie the imaginary lawyer can you take this call
From Mr. What, Mr. Which and Mr. Who? F**k you!
F**k you, go shopping
You're about as interesting as my rent
F**k me for listening
I'm supposed to be so intelligent
F**k you, go shopping
I just spent all of my rent
F**k you, are you listening?
Imaginary Annie, imagine Annie
Imaginary Annie, imaginary
Imaginary Annie
Imaginary Annie, invisible esquire