Inferis (Chile) - Stormriders lyrics

[L&M: Alarcon]

Remember the times
When you and I were brothers
And now we're forced
To fight each other for love

Lightning slashes the sky
When we start our battle
Please send me a sign my love
If you can hear my prayers

In the storm we'll turn to stone
For love we'll carry on

"the dragon in powerful
But will be stranded
When wind and the clouds
Become a storm"

We're the stormriders
Fighters of the lightning
We're condemned to be alone
We're the stormbringers
Lonely swords of lightning
We will never fight alone

[Solo: Joshua / Herman]

The dragon attacks
His breath made of fire
His power comes through
The core of darkness and fear

Reply from the wind
His power is love
His strength is honour
And loyalty

[Bridge / Chorus]