Infantree - Forgive Me First lyrics

Maybe I'm reaching, but all I ever hear now correlates to you and me
Don't call it preaching, babe, if you're the choir, maybe you could set me free
Sing far from churches, though I've never been, I know what they all want to say
When this life hurts, it's a sin to try and fight, you'll thank them on a distant day
But we know better, working for no man if he doesn't promise pay
Rapture and then glory, when you get to heaven, maybe you won't want to stay
'Cause it's difficult to live with, perfect in every way

I'll admit the Holy Ghost is not a part of me
'Cause I split, now I know he don't want no part of me
And I know he won't forgive me first
So I'm sorry, and I never meant to hurt
I'm sorry, and I never meant one word

I take up serpents and drinking my salvation, waiting for the blessed to come
I don't think it's Jesus, a worldly companion will show me that my life has begun
But she ain't surfaced, so I'll be a little fisherman, live where the salmon run
I know my purpose, I make friends with the moon because someone's got to welcome the sun
Say it's difficult to live with, hoping it will soon be done