Index - World Warhead Broadcasting lyrics

Human Penetration
From the concrete
Cuts deeper into Mother
Earth's open sore
Chloravore, infectious type of sapien
Breed like rats
Tainted to the core
Sky scraped, horizon raped
Machine manufractures oceans of oil
On the brink of becoming extinct
Pour poison pesticide potions in soil

Pour acid chemical
Spitting carbon unit
Razes green flesh
Civilization will not rest
Pavement forest dreams of being strangled
By telephone wire
Fiber Optic Fire
Toxic fumes rise higher
Human liar crushes the will to exist
Seething breathing ripping
Iron fist
Human kissed the water
Turned to plasma
Seas of disease
Evaporate in the wake of progress

Atmospheric drill
Breathe uneasily
Ozone layer slayer
Air wave flayer
Land grenade slaughters life
Cut by Mother Nature's daughter's knife