Index - Faith In Motion lyrics

A silhouette of stolen dreams
Heaven is not what it seems
I see myself lying, paralyzed
Black rectangles cover my eyes
Rigid outline, white, around me
Saturnia Regna sings distantly
Avernus is lovely this time of year
the crosses are in full bloom, my dear
Cerulean ultraviolets of pain
the water shimmers deep with their rain
the passion whispers the softest breath
of distant hopes for tranquil death
In ether, in sky, the petals caress
an ocean of violets in effloresce
Waste devotion, faith in motion
Don't ever forget who I am
Don't ever forget what my name is
Sealight snowing blue perfection
I'm a dead reflection, out of sight, show me the light
Faith in motion
Did you ever doubt this day would come?