Indecisive Youth - Not Okay lyrics

Can you hear me
Can you hear the words that I am saying
Can you read me
The words are printed big and black
Well I'm all alone inside myself
I put my feelings on a shelf
And they're wasted
So I keep it all to myself
I'm rotting out my mental health
Going Crazy
Losing sight of all I've left behind
Going crazy
Needing time when all I have is time
Because these feelings are for my eyes only
And I won't burden you with all of my misery
Can you hear me
Souls crying so damn loud
Can you hear it
Can you see that I'm not okay
Can you see me wearing
A smile shaped frown I'm wearing
Can you see that I am not okay
Can you hear me
My soul is crying out
Can you see me
Wearing a smile shaped frown
Would you believe me if I said I was okay
You'd be a sucker
'cause I'm not okay I'm not alright
So just turn your back on me one more time
I should have seen it coming
Just turn your back on me when I'm not okay