Incommunicado - Fingernails On The Chalkboard lyrics

Is conservative possible?
Get it! Get it!
When only greed is natural?
Get it! Get it!
You're pointing fingers to hide the tracks.
It's this way or you will pay!
Baiting media to support your claims.
If they knew your church and now what it became.
Islamic scapegoats just to celebrate the cause.
Bending rather interesting laws.
Ideology that many will debate.
Dissolving difference between the church and state.
Red state gluttons, money on the brain.
Painting pictures to fix their own campaigns.
Wrong directions - Fro assassinations.
We can't support you.
This way or you will pay!
A place, collision, a bomb, a war, unjust decision,
A finger to point the blame!
I thought that's what your war was for.
Wrong directions - For assassinations.
Bring it down!