InMe - Reverie Shores lyrics

The greenest grass is on the other side
(Can you see it? Can you see it growing?)
So I ripped my soul in two
(Can you see them? Can you see them glowing?)
One half lives in the meadow of escape
(So intoxicating, she's still waiting for you)
And I saved the other half for you
(Darling I'm willing to change)

He used to feel invincible
(He used to feel invincible)
But now he doesn't feel at all
(Now he doesn't feel at all)

They won't be laughing anymore
Petroleum rivers flowing through
The labyrinth off the reverie shore
I explore

When "sorry" runs out of steam
(I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it goddess)
And your dreams are far upstream
(Darling I'm willing to change)

We used to feel invincible
But now we don't feel at all