In-sane - Red Carpet Pretenders lyrics

Anorexia itself
Singing a song we've heard a thousand times before
Pretending to be beautiful
What's the message I'm supposed to get
From the words you sing
From the way you look like in this dress?

"These silicone lips are not yours to touch
Not now, not ever!"

And everything is about
Bigger, better, faster...
About the glamor and the looks
About the money and the goods
The more you have the more you're worth
It doesn't matter if you're a crook
You're going down,

Red carpets, therapy and cocaine addictions
You had one to many nosebleeds, yes
Deception, you deceive the kids and they believe in you
The way life should be
Because having everything
Can relieve you from your misery

You are wealthy on the outside
But you are rotten to the core
You are happy to the role models
But you are cursed to be them to
The kids they all look up to you
Though they don't know who you are
You're acting like the world belongs to you