In Strict Confidence - In A Land So Far Away lyrics

The old wolf left his home and love
To pull duty for his king
He was the one who stands above
The others of his kin

The lions ruled another house
Of bloodline old and strong
One daughter was the chosen spouse
And bore the king three sons

In a land so far away
The loyal wolf was betrayed
By greed and lust he could not trust
With whom his queen did made

In a land so far away
The old wolf lost his life
Because he knew she was untrue
And was his brothers wife

With hair of gold her heart was black
And power was her goal
She called to kill her mighty king
And every loyal soul

They burnt the wolf den in the north
To blood out the whole tribe
But one survived and later strived
For vengeance in the night

[Based on the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by G.R.R. Martin.]