In Ink Please - Morse Or Less lyrics

Ran back to the Midwest where it's landlocked and safe.

Tan monochrome and, oh, I'm home.

You're rendered harmless (finally).

But one more time, plant that knife next to my spine

Hilt deep.

I want to feel it inside of me.

Rattling my ribcage

Shake, shake me down.

Let's hear it for the good old days.

Maybe it's the weather.

I don't know whether or not.

I love a sharp, cold bite.

Need that clean, honest frost.

Oh, Evergreen

Oh, Evergreen State, what have you done to me?

Oh, Evergreen

Oh, Evergreen State, you've made me soft like rain.

I was coming in loud and clear

Back in that radio room.

I felt you dial to my frequency.

So I was sure I was reading you, too.

You're breaking up, you're fading out.

Following me to a new channel, higher ground.

Or, better yet, let's try the old-fashioned way:

Dot dot dot / dash dash dash / dot dot dot.