In Flames - Food For The Gods lyrics

Shame marries the guilt,
Introduces itself to the concept of total loneliness!
Sensations repressed,
Make friends with suicidia!
And here the leeches begin
To suck away the lust for life!

Escape takes the lead into a world unknown,
Uncontrolled by all,
Where borders are erased and potential infinite.
Chosen cells, glands and transmitters
Blast the body with joy!
Astral feet running up
To dimensions covered with gold!
Stairs of glowing ectoplasma,
Sapphire, onyx, and buzzing vibrations!
A dead men's banquet,
Food for the gods!

There's only one real world,
Our Earth is but a shadow!
Created from a child's heart, a living jewel,
From now on abode for a soul in its setting!


Cutting the bloodline,
Re-tie the bleeding roots
To a heavenly slip of glass!
And let it drift in passive arrogance
In a one-word dialogue with the stars!