Improv - A Balanced Life lyrics

Aww man it’s that time already
I guess I’ll put on my boots and get ready
It’s time ta go back down into that hole
I just dug myself out of but that’s how it goes I guess
Well of course I wish differently
But wishes are fantasy and can’t feed my family
Damn me for not finding a way ta break free
I need five more minutes of sleep I’m begging
Please show me some sympathy no?
Just heave ho heave ho
You know I need that gold that you hold
So I heave ho heave ho
And it’s non-stop ‘til I ache in my bones
My soul cold I go home
My choice chose ta hold close
The love my family shows

And it’s just another lonely day on the way to the top
There ain’t no stoppin’ ain’t no breakin’ on the way to that top
Except for these things that seem to tragically bring us down
There ain’t no stopping ain’t no breakin’ on the way to that ground
Just a…

Ahh man just what I need
A partner ta help carry all a my things
Diamonds and rings it’s more than a fling
I know this cause all of the things we agreein’ on
Damn she’s the bomb
Ain’t never had someone this stable ta lean on
Dream on be on whenever I can
Life’s looking pretty damn good through this lens
Contentment sets assumptions grip
Our differences hence Resentment hits
And just like that we so easily slip
Poke holes with blows bit by bit
Until water flows into our ship
And we both go down along with it
Said I don’t know what could have caused it
Things were so perfect


These things keep going all day around round
Every time I think I’m stoppin’ em I’m just playin’ round round
The leaves get dim just like my whims when I fall down down
It’s all part of my inherent nature that I can’t change at all all
And even if I could would I respect the good times
Naw I wouldn’t I’m just human I need all of these bad times
Ta keep in check my respect and try ta notice the world’s face
Take the good with the bad and truly learn to appreciate
See there ain’t no way you can stay at the top
What goes up must come down and eventually drop
See things ain’t good things ain’t bad they’re just misunderstood
And there ain’t nothin’ you can do but try believing in love