Impact - Dead In The Eyes lyrics

In a moments time everything has changed - your eyes are there but they're not the same - something's fucked and it's just not right - something's wrong and you gave up the fight - don't try to tell me that you're the same cause i know you're fucking not - don't try to tell me that i'm to blame cause i know you know that's wrong - you looked me dead in the eye and told me you moved on - and the lack of life you've become confirms that you're long gone - dead in the eyes - dead in the fucking eyes, man - dead in the eyes - was it all a fucking lie? - i'll ask myself this question until the day i fucking die - was it really that hard for you to cope - when you look in the mirror, do you see hope - i guess at heart we were never the same - cause you followed the rest and that's a fucking shame - man, you know it's true - cause you can't take pride in the things you do