Immortal Technique - Toast To The Dead (2011)

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Immortal Technique - Toast To The Dead lyrics

Here's a toast to the dead
If you don't drink,
Smoke to the head
For the freedom fighters killed by the feds
For those who died hard in the streets
Soaking in red
And died slow asleep in a dream
Choking in bed

Here's a toast to the dead
For my enemies that have gone
I'm not a coward
So celebrating that'd be wrong
I pray to God that your soul will come back again
So I can see you in the next life and finish it then

A toast to the dead
For criminals burning in hell
I wonder how many presidents
Are burning as well
Emperors, popes, senators, generals
Amputees if they're lucky
Until they see the vegetables

A toast to the dead
For those who are forgotten
Written out of the history
By the corrupted and rotten
Black saints whitewashed during La Reconquista
Thousands of Indio-Spaniards used to conquer the Incas

Fuck a moment of silence!
I need a moment of violence!
Like the nineteenth century Caribbean islands
Long love those who came before
That paved the way for me
The warriors and scientists that came before slavery

And if that last lyric was predictable
Take that clairvoyance and apply it to life in the physical
Presumptuous, half-hearted homunculus
Self-destruction is the power
Without knowing what the function is