Immortal Technique - Murder Me lyrics

[News clip Talking]

Our investigation into the death of Sean Bell of the wounding of joseph gusman in Trent Benefield was about as thorough and complete as I've ever participated in....

We now look at torture and brutality here in United States, close to a hundred fifty people say they were subjected to abuse by Chicago police officers including having guns forced into their mouths, bags placed over their heads...shooting timothy stansbury by a police officer in the Bed-stuy housing project when he was 19.


Yo, K.
They wanna murder me, they wanna murder me
They wanna turn my white tee to colour burgundy
They wanna bury me, they wanna turn me to worm food
Burn me up and throw me in the urn, I ain't a dumb fool
I see the signs clear, but I aint shook
If you want me come and get me, cuz I'm right here
And I aint shutting up, until we shut they whole shit down
Until they shut me up, the last time I got thirty peice, they fucked me up
But they aint start acting tough, until they cuff me up
A bunch of overgrown boy scouts but its hussle against them
Till they let everyone of my boys out, until then this saga continues
I dont like where this going down and I aint about to pretend to
So fuck you if i ever offend you, cuz if you aint pouring black
Then you aint know what i been through

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Akron police fired on a teenage drug suspect who allegedly brandished a gun during a vehicle stop....

Chicagos city jails and area 2 is the epicentre for the systematic torture of...

Dozens of police in riot gear marched through the streets of New Rush Elsien to control hundreds of teens who went on a rampage after being told to leave the New Rock City Entertainment complex...


Kill, homicide on my mind, i aint trying to kill me but i going die
Got little girl, plus got work to finish, see in our line of work
Put our lives on the line, everyday all the time, everyday on the grime
Everyday niggas get slain on the grind, its a damn shame
Still i stay on the grind cuz like you had to do
I gotta provide for me and my ma, pops died from cops
I manned up, pulling that thing out the dresser
Im out to kill em, and my mind spining like a ceiling fan
Mom you always said I was special, but I guess it was inevitable
No one accepts you, nigga it was destiny, as I sit here cleaning the weapon
Thinking about life, my death, this is self preservation, not just self defense
They wanna murder me

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Two of the officers charged, Micheal Oliver, and Joseph Nora, have been charged with manslaughter of the first degree and of the second degree. That is to say that it was intentional and reckless manner. The other officer has been charged with two counts of...


Gangs are blue, gangsta crew, always trynna bang my dudes
I aint talking crips, they more like chips that love to aim their tools
The way they move, we in the game to lose, to make the news
My poetry is NWA mixed with lex and hues
They still absuing us, illegal searching, asking questions last
Squeezing first and making brothers leave the earth
Trigger happy, slapping haters up in cop cars
Pull over a rap fan and speed by a rock star
Popo slow rolled on me while Im walking
Put my torso in a choke hold just for talking (wah)
They wanna take us off the air like Martin
Or some break in my life, once again like Martin
For the family of Sean Bell, for the family of Timothy
Got us handing out our sympathies, lighting candles in memories
They enemies got me gradually, got a badge and he arrogant
Wanna pass me for rapping, NO
Wanna murder me, box my body for nothing
Cops hunt the body like something like bobby hunting
Slugs dumped in the back of youngin Griffith Glover
Not the mention of manslaughter of Mrs. Butter
Undercovers wanna brother deep sixin his man buried
One shot to the chest of Timothy Stansbury
They want me off the streets on my head put a ransom
Assasinate me in my sleep like they did Fred Hampton
Police brutatility is an understatement
And this new world state police killing a station
For the death of little sussie aint no justification (word)
Cops was 92 and shot with no hesitation
91 to murder me for the shit I been saying
Paralimilitary investigation, you a fan or a asian
Imma do the yellow shot on location
Read it, credits, curteosy of your local police staion

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The FBI has been spying on us, the FBI has been monitoring us, spying on us and has been recording what we are doing. Homeland Security surveilence on our movement and none of us are safe.

[Immortal Technique]

The only reason that they kept us alive
Was to build America up from the inside
All we ever wanted was the promise of freedom
The mule and the 40 acres to breathe in
Instead you cut up the Americas into reservations,
And built the prison system for slaveries of placement (WAH)
I done too many songs about "fuck the police!"
I'm tired of sayin': "no justice, no peace!"
Too many speeches, too many promises
I'd rather take the fight to the place where the coppers live
I'm gonna put your fuckin' kids through metal detectors
Subjected to random searches by those that protect us
Don't let the Klu Klux Klan colours distract you
They treat black-cop's kids like that too
'Cause from Africa to the Caribbean
Was the start of the longest holocaust that there's ever been...