Immortal Technique - In The Club (Freestyke) lyrics

I know I look like, Immortal Technique to you, but I created this generic clone just to speak to you
Me and 2-7-9, are plantin a bomb in a building, these underground shows never got women and children
I'm serial killin', every fake nigga alive, so most of you who can't rap won't survive
Machine gun everything around like a panorama, and burn rubber with the ghost of princess Diana
I'm like Santana, pulling strings in a game, while slaves emilate they masters, they livin the same, forget the fame

I can't rest a second alone, I got homeland security tapping my phone
Well here's a warning to the government that creeps on me, I'm like a cunstain matress don't sleep on me
I roll deep, with a fully loaded AK, murder cowards in their sleep like the I.R.A
I represent Soul 4 dawg, that's the best hood, you can't be shot while you sittin in your whip like Tim Westwood

Whilin' out, you know how we doin' persuin' and this is freestyle in the meanwhile other cats are spittin' written bitten composition, you're crushed in submission
This is Harlem, You'll never rise to stardom kid, I came down to London, Ey you know how we did, and this is off the dome, off the brain, lyrically insane

And that's how I'm tripping that's how I'm flipping Ey yo, check it out
I'm the illest latino, I never had to buy an album back like Benzino,
You know I'm sick with the flow, spittin' it slow, Ey you I have to go to the bathroom, I made a scramble, I lost 10 pounds and I don't even gamble!
So y'know, what's happening, when I'm rockin' it, off the brain lyrically insane, Immortal Technique, saying you nice as me dawg?

You straight telling lies, me and you have never been even like Biggy Small's eyes, when will you realize Immortal Technique is iller,
the socialist guierella, stomp you like a storm piller, comin' through, representing whoever, cleverly, under the weather

Yo, it's like that, a Latin assasin I make it happen, I'm about to go platinum but when you see me up in the spot, rockin' it hip-off the top of the knot
Ey yo, thats how it goes thats how it flows, thats how it shows, Ey yo it's 96.9,
ey yo I substract the same numbers from both sides and thats 5-9 and thats fine and I continue to climb,
I continue to shine, I continue to climb

Ey yo the voice of racism pushing through God's name, Ey yo thats devilish,
a church in America called the Prophet Muhammed a terrorist
Forgetting that God is not a religion but a spiritual bond, and that Jesus is the most quoted Prophet in the Quran
They bombed innocent people, tried to murder Saddam, when they gave him those weapons to go to war with Iran
This is the information that they hold back from Peter Jennings, this Condaliza Rice is just the new age Sally Hemmings
I break it down with critical language, and spirit through anguish, and Judas is angry, the guilt to be trained

Christ, you murdered him, stole his religion and painted him white, translated in phsycologically painted philosophy,
conservative political right-wing ideology, put together sloppily
Blasphemy of a nation, I got my back to the wall, I'm facing assasination, Guantanamo Bay, federal incarceration
How can this be, land of the free, home of the brave, indigenous holocaust and home of the slave?
Corporate America, dancing off-beat to the rythm, they really think the country never sponsored terrorism

Human right violations we continue to saga, el Salvador, Nicanshus and Nicaragua
And on top of that we still want want to take me to prison, just cause I won't trade humanity for patroism
Ey yo I'm still buckin out I know you flipped the instrumentals, with coincedence comes spinning off the top of the mental
Ey yo this government is tapping my phone, like I told you before, I keep it raw I smash kids heads in the corridor

And thats how it goes, you know that Helen is crazy, Immortal Technique blazing, amazing MCs
Yo, I'm hangin' out with the illest rappers alive, Ey yo I strive to be better, I strive to survive,
I strive to stab a live wire to the top of my brain

I make cuts on my dick, with masicistics tactics, and then take a fetish, while simultaniously stabbing a pregnant fat bitch,
on a vomit-covered mattress, while the fetus uses my dick to practice gymnastics, dancing on it like a balance beam doing backflips
Ey yo, I smack kids, and I compact them, ey yo I subtract them, and I'm keepin' this freestyle from the brain,
I'm lyrically insane, let me explain

Ey yo, let me give you the rap-up, 2003, people went to war and they tried to drag me, and everyone else,
and now we about to put Tony Blair back on the shelf
They're taking it ova', my word to Jahova, I don't got a Range Rover, I be in the tube, I be at the Meirut
spitting on people's faces, whilin' up
Ey yo no doubt, I keep it complete, Immortal Technique, and I'm completely flipping the spanish making rappers vanish like ???
Immortal Technique, I be chillin', with my boy Clamento, ay yo Ralphdog dotcom, log on, so we can drop bombs, ey yo,
bragging rights to hook that con to rock steady, you're not ready, won every battle in New York City,
Your style is not pretty, kinda like Macy Grey, and my faking God is kinda shitty, I put my hand on the Bible and tell,
"Whoopie that she's pretty" and this is some mean stuff that I'm spittin, off the top of the brain, ay yo, you know how I rock,
2-7-9, that means you catchin 18 shots, and thats how it goes, and thats how it flows, and I'm outta here,
I'm out of Jahove, I'm with gymnastics and the cash and the cheddar, since that I meant that, Technique, end of the letter