Immortal Technique - Crimes Of The Heart lyrics

(Verse 1)
I turned 21 in prison, locked up at night
Now I walk around free, it seems like another life
Another role with some other dice
Another ho or a loving wife
People come and go
Some really you never know
Intellectual midgets that really never grow
Fake love that hangs on like, can I hold you though?
With no friends that look at you like, yo, yeah I told you so
A toast to the broken hearted, who never finished what they fucking started
People who go out and try to be a rebel at night
Who try to make up for the fact that they settled in life
It's like a fight between the devil and christ over the limelight
Spiritual celebrity poker, but the whole deck is full of jokers
And every year that you get older, the stakes get higher
Gambling with a bunch of fakes and liars
Real talk cos the real New York is the pain and the suffering of lost love
Staring off into the distance of the mist in the club
Depression and emptiness that lead to suicide
And the struggle inside yourself that keeps you alive
Surviving medicated, stalked by sobriety
The life you live now, tortured by memories violently
I pray inside of me that one day you can be forgiven
For murdering the beautiful world we used to live in

(Verse 2)
Love doesn't need a complicated metaphor
And sometimes, nothing even needs to be said at all
Sometimes the person you with is not your one and only
And you just fuck with them 'cause your afraid to be lonely
And when you come back, it's too late
So you overcompensate like victims of rape for the self hate
Lost in the affection of strangers around you
Instead of the only person who ever gave a fuck about you
Thought you were happy, so you didn't come check me
But then when he cheated or treated you incorrectly
You conveniently realized that you could never forget me
And tried to crawl back in my life, unexpectedly
These are my indictments of those who claim to be righteous
And leave a trail of broken hearts on they way to enlightenment
But I can't give in to hatred and pass judgment
Even towards every illusion I've been in love with
Cause the heart that betrays itself willingly
Is like a nation that trades freedom for stability
It's so seductive to be cold and corrupted
And isolated, trying to be an independent republic
But liberty, to be loved on the surface is worthless
The sacrifice of revolution with no purpose
Take it from a criminal searching for his redemption
Cursing at god, desperately trying to get his attention

What you thought it was over?
This aint over till we say its over mother fucker
Ey yo Tech, what do you think about the rap game right about now?

Its all bullshit you know that I know that,
Hey come along with me man well have a budget
I didnt get into this for that.
Well thats all there is
If thats all there is Ive been wasting my mother fucken time with you
Yeah yeah uh

(Verse 1 - Immortal Technique)
The game is polluted with rappers that are really snitches
And most DJs are nothing but industry bitches
And we don't got no mansion or riches
But we got guns and knives and your children's pictures
And everybody loses in war, but you lose more
What do you think we brought back the Panthers and the Zulu for?
Immortal, witch doctor, made himself a voodoo doll
For every motherfucker that fronted that I can recall
Fuck the industry, don't call me, you can't get with me
I leave niggas hanging, like Mississippi
RBG to the last drop of blood in my body
Or the feds drag me away, like a Tsunami
But Ill be back, like a fresh body bag from Iraq
Like a Baltimore slum, during the resurgence of crack
Brown and black, like the AK I keep in the strap
While we waiting on the next stock market collapse

(Verse 2 - Fatz Da Assassin)
Territorial oratory editorial
Fuck around Ill be the cause of your lifes memorial
I write wraps territorial east coast porters too
Never crossing borders still I will coastally slaughter you
Im better than all of you, vendettas be mauling you
You talking cheddar, Im a shredder, Ill sever it off of you
I never remorse for you, no letters endorsing you
Pole position in the coffin is what is costing you
The Caucus bosses, who control the fortunes too
The mortgages of a cultural loss through and through
But its the Rebel Arms, Gods speed with devils charm
The bitch made gets switch blades in every arm
And this way we ix-nay on any harm
Cuz snakes play and fakes lay like hidden bombs
We march in unison , the souls is true within
Eternal mission with shit, a lifetime of doing it

(Verse 3 - Goodtime Slim)
Stronghold said it, whoop yo bitch ass with batons
The rebel arms swarm inform like Vultron
Slash your old beats you heard the Mark of the East
Running through cop land screaming Fuck the Police
Hormones in the water, they acting out of order
Like a pack of rabid wolves, they lambs for the slaughter
Crush your mandible rip the drums like animal
Eat MCs, they my own kind, Im a cannibal
My regimens solute me, haters wanna shoot me
Kool-aid in they veins, they lawyers try to sue me
You sell crack in rap, did a scidd bid
Multiple baby mommas, take care of your kids
Guillotine rap, shackles on your neck
Chemical warfare where punch lines connect
Da Circle played the snipe, with Immortal Tech
They calling the block governor to drag em off the set

(Verse 4 - J. Arch)
Rebel Arms out for supremacy and move non gimmicky
Related to royalty on each trip you mention me
Twist bars illishly, rebel against the infantry
Get more than your feet wet when I make you a memory
Cats not ready because they commercially industry
I make house calls on those afraid to visit me
Disrespect? I smash your off the petty
From undisclosed low case fast for the chetty
Arch dont break dance, yet I rock steady
I jump on your scope to prove your aim not deadly
My shot to the top is like Mickey and Mal Smently
Flow milky like the tits of a chick thats top heavy
The Techniques Immortal so Rebel Arms the regiment
Archs styles nicer than other rappers ever been
My canteens full from when the doctor got medicine
Five star general, frontline veteran

Invasion baby,
This aint a fucken game you think we playing
Immortal Technique
Oh yeah dont forget
Revolutionary Vol. 3 coming soon

Youre not worthy, you sons of bitches