Immolation - Swallow The Fear lyrics

Stare and watch this tempest grow, fed with complacent denial
Keep us safe, keep the peace and teach us all to obey
Trading reason, for a shield of deceit, surrender to all their desires
Fear is strong, fear is king, and deceit is breaking our will

Building the walls, higher and higher
Hearing the lies, louder and louder

Swallow the fear, swallow it down, choke on your trust and all’s well
But trust is a liar, and faith is a fool, and slowly we lose sight of the truth
Caught in the whirlwind of panic and chaos, so desperate we let it all go
Make us the prisoners, concealing the irons, destroying this life that we know

Building the walls, higher and higher
Now rip them all down and leave us weak and exposed

Choke on your fears, relinquish yourself
Failing to grip at the threads that are left
Surrender to powers that we’ve made so strong
Further and further we’re drifting away

Our lack of courage has taken us down, our freedom is burning away
You bury your heads to soften the blow, but the strike will be just as deadly

Choke on the fear….
All that is cherished is fading away
Choke on the fear…
The powers we bow to have silenced our voice
Choke on the fear…
We’re dying so slowly
Choke on the fear…
Pulling us deeper and deeper