Illogic - My World lyrics

(Musical Intro)

I'm travelin'
This maze, with a javelin
Takin' aim at abdomens
As I guilt-trip
From pixie dust particles, laced with
The American way of conformity
I lash out in defense of culture
To stimulate dormancy
But I rest for a second
Build on my mask (maps?) collection
Ask questions of worth
Since birth
Images, styled
By each lesson
Cursed with illogical thinking
In eyes of society
Crash parties of orthodox
Without the ignorant inviting me
The path I'm destined to walk is widening
But narrow to the close-minded
Hidden by brush and greenery
I can't see
But my flow's fine
As I step through this forest
Of activists
Dodging thorns
Of the norm
Decoding life's cuneiform
Disguised as a pacifist
After this confrontation
With the beast of regret
Attaining existence
Is the result of...
Taking a breath
So I hold back and don't inhale
To see where life takes me
Elevate flesh
To a level stress
'Cause I believe life hates me

(Musical bridge)

Thoughts die
In a sea of normlessness
In abandon crowds
That stand around
And wait for their performances
I waded that cul-de-sac
To see what karma gives
'Cause "What goes around, comes around"
Holds weight
In the lake
I'm goin' to swim
Will I drown
Due to the obesity of my thought process
As gravity pulls down
To impede my self-conquest
Filling my pockets with payments of nonsense
While the cover charge to this
Play of my life is time spent
At times I stand on the edge of this cliff
And forget rap
Before I step across that threshold
Where rhyme (?raw?) bends and splits at
I try to invade
The barricades
And downplay the mishaps
Convincing myself that the speeches
Are related to the syntax
My emotional famine
Is at an all-time height
Where I'm forced to rationalize
Between comfort and what's right
But when I write, I'm comfortable
Pen encompasses the agony
Of the turmoil-drenched existence
Of this Shakespearean tragedy
But this hero die due to his flaws
Or will I float in purgatory state
Before I take the fall
So for now I won't wait
Trudging through knee-high Satan (?)
Contemplatin' whether I should
Stay on this frequency
Or change the station
'Cause now I'm tuned into ruin
Fallen flat on my abstract
Too intimidated to press on
But not depressed enough to backtrack
A story too horrific to be laughed at
Too surreal to be realistic
Danglin' between
An individual and a statistic
Will I see the light at the end of the tunnel
Or has there been an avalanche
That closed off the outlet
Snuffin' the option of
If I'll have a chance to escape this fate
Or is it by choice I'll walk this road
While gettin' close
Continuing to progress
But feel froze