Illegal Justice - Da Illest lyrics

This is wicked man…
Nothing mon
Nothing at all
Oh, that must be some good shit

Here come the illest individuals
Once again
Niggaz cess droppin'
Horde now we won't watch your back y'all
Of course, you better quit harassing me
Or get blasted my mind ain't
Acting rationally
And actually these productions I perform
They be heavily concentrated
Enough for your anatomy
From the bone to notably
The microphone apocalypse is juvenile
You work like a crack jack
Jam niggaz break through that
Get you recognize who blastin'
The illest style (illest style)
Time to take these enemies son and
We become casualties
As the lyrics flow from my cranium
You think there was allegro
Sitting ducks metro
Last train leaving the metro

Around my way
Put an end to he clapping of lips
And we gonna solve their physics
Show them why we the ethics
Unless we trust a dick
We the baddest thing ever created
Those blokes all tell
Hells get spooked
Brain cells begin to swell
Keep your mind lost like jams (we nowhere)
Before my speech is heard (funk)
Before my speech is heard
Stay uncut like bandaid
My niggas said take my brains
As we get into the cascades
As we invade
Swarm the airwaves with hits every day's grace
Sharp enough to shave and make the jones and crave
It's happening you have no choice to respect it
Yeah i said it
Pull it you'll regret it

Illegal Justice!
The case is already high
We high
High high!
Illegal Justice!
The case is already high
We high!
We high!
Take the cube once an hour
Starting far
13 heavy days for family black scar

Now its the mantis
Best is
Split your mentals like headaches
My vocals will dominate
Go local
My verbal tactics
Flip like gymnastics
I stay at home for dramatics
Still, I hit your brain like automatics
Ebola virus this mic sniper
Trank you like a vipers leaving to fight with
(There's war going on)
Mad child in a mass swarm
Bloody like newborns
I swore to represent illegal justice
Since I was born
Bring the ruckus to the storm
As we perform and devastate my songs
Vacate and relocate
To bad boards
The rate they dominate
They came rugged like mountain to rain

This shit here
Contains the trace to give you the strain
To make you high-strung
Get nuff stress upon your brain
Its right when I reign
I know you cows since night
Trick gains get slain
The trick!
Represent and I hit you point blank
Where it hurts
Set you up with verbal ammo from left to right
Sorta of a rise
See the bright light and take flight
This mic might be an act to turn white
After my mission
Hit the highest of heights
These guys look thick
Interact with these bubbles making it dangerous for those who oppose
Strictly jeans and boots
Tie my hair back you wanna prepare
Do not misconstrue
To the basket
Lay em down and start to smash shit
That shit and get prostitutes blasting
That's the part of my name that's everlasting
Bumping and grinding
While big heads passing the ill…

We come sicily
We hungry
We very hungry
Every city every country
Caviar and sushi
Can't loose it
Come choosing
That's why we take the cube once an hour
Starting far
13 heavy days
Block scar
Starting for
Whatever we block scar

And someone said...