Idy - If I Had Real Balls, It'd Be My Away Message lyrics

Disassemble every word I've ever mumbled, I am sorry. You're the girl in a tale of harlotry and deprecation, and I'm the boy caught in this wave of 'you mean more than air I breathe.'

Apologies for my actions, the jury's still out on your case. As sirens sound in the streets, the boys in blue will save the day from the evil bubbling in your angel heart, but I must leave.

And I feel compelled to tell you this, and I feel compelled to beg of you.
Could you play the part of protagonist, as I close my eyes and I take a breath? Heroes should never let villains in their bed, unless they've staked out a proper psychiatrist for you...

But baby, I've never felt quite as asinine, as the days I was hypnotized by your eyes.
And I would call you 'darling' with intention, but my feeble heart sank when you left it