Ice T - I Ain't New Ta This lyrics

Come on
Come on

[ VERSE 1 ]
Do this, ugh, come on, come on
Time to get wreck and kick the so on and so on
The I-c-e-T
O.G. M.C.
s (Ho!)
Watch the mic blow
I flip scripts, and the Dump drops the Ammo
Time to get wreck with the new style
It's '93 and MC's are gettin buck wild
But I - ain't a - nigga
That's gonna get left with a big zero as a figure
I'm gonna end up with a big sum
Cause if you don't like one jam, I always got another one
Different, specifically I don't copy
Tear up the track if the flow sounds sloppy
I don't play one game
I bust about a dozen cuts on my lp's, none the same