Ice T - 7th Deadly Sin (Intro) lyrics

Seven deadly sins [repeated several times - Morgan Freeman] [Jay-Z] Yeah yeah yo Ice what's up? Know what I mean? Just chilling ya heard? It's the god. Heard you preparing to drop this 7th deadly sin Know what I mean? Just showing, you know, love, you know what I mean? One player to another, you know coastal How we do you know? Connect Hit me up, give me a call. You know how we do? Roc-A-Fella Style, Peace [Ice-T] Peace out Motherf**kers said I'd never survive, here I am Check your sound scan virally grand out the box Bitches and glocks, hoes got rocks on my table F**k your cable, you better Ice that shit You couldn't see me if you stood right in front of a pimp F**k you income you better twice that shit You niggas make a million dollar but still manage to sink I can stop for 10 years and still be 5 years in front of ya What do ya want? And mad wealth, but you f**kin hoes yourself Mad bitched to flaunt If you caught one its like a lesbian connect You and a bitch all pussy no dick Since '86 I been bustin off clips Mashin mad whips, bendin hot chicks Westside them niggas that ride for this shit You see me in a tunnel with my niggas on hit Fly to New York City, crack a Brooklyn bitch Light skinned nigga in the full ink mink F**kin off chump change on bitches and drinks (Yo Ice you f**k that bitch?) Nigga what do you think? I aint f**kin these hoes cause these bitches aint payin Every song I hear today's about straight trickin Pimpin to me, that aint no bullshit sayin F**k you! F**k what you're goin through, f**k your hood Mother f**k a bitch, hoe get your heels kickin And all my real motherf**kers know it's all in the good And all you niggas out there that don't like me A nigga came up like a real pimp should I feel you players out there givin me love And all my dead homies watchin me from above And all you down bitches recognize in the heat Step to a pimp when you see me on the street Let a nigga know that you down to hoe Represent the Ice and collect the dough This aint nothing new aint no mother f**kin fa?e I've bee rockin shit for over 10 years god You haters paralyze when a real baler comes around You don't wanna talk 'bout how hard you claim your role Nigga give it up and put you f**kin head down Cause you don't wanna talk to about how much dope you sold (Know why?) Cause game knows game You don't really look me in the eyes sucker You got a deal with you own reflection in the mirror And I don't know you buster So what you did a bid You still a bitch kid And not too many niggas gonna do what I did Real for my niggas from the ghetto to the penile Come off the streets, make raps about the lifestyle Say what you will I moved to the hills The seventh deadly is envy Nigga f**k how you feel!