Ice Cube - Pimp Homeo lyrics

[Woman:] Pimp Homeo. Pimp Homeo.
[Ice Cube:] Hey, Julie hoe!
[Woman:] I am but $300 short, thy pimp. First know my ass is tired, thy Pimp Homeo.
Be this hour, I have done weeping.
Thy have poppeth my coochie 'til I can't poppeth
No more!

[Ice Cube:] Oh, tis! Thy have a reason to smack a cramp in that ass.
[Woman:] Have patience, Pimp Homeo, have patience! Homeo, I have a very vuluptuous vagina
And titties teetering on times this & a ass the size of Alaska.
[Ice Cube:] Well, bitch, thy get my money.