Ice Cube - JD's Gaffilin' (Part 2) lyrics

[J. Dee:]
Police, eat the dick straight up; you know why?
I got Jacked just the other night.
This motherfucker gon' tell me:...
What I'm doing walk in the streets?!
Man, what the fuck you mean what I'm doin' walk in the streets?
You gon' buy me a motherfuckerin' car?
Everytime I try to STEAL one, you take me to jail!
So what the fuck you talkin' about?!
A nigga like me... strugglin' to stride!
Nigga walking in the streets at night is like committin' suicide...
So what the fuck's next?
I'm tired of this motherfuckin' shit!
Niggaz popping off the Mob.
Talking about I'm "The Nigga You Love to Hate".
Back up off my tip, for the simple fact; you're only like a gnat on a dog's dick.