Iamsu! - Talk To Em (2018)

Iamsu! - Talk To Em (2018)
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Iamsu! - Talk To Em lyrics
[Verse 1] Yeah, where that bag at I need 50 for a show, where that cash at She from Sacramento, threw her on that Amtrak Even though I'm getting paper like a damn fax Yeah, all the cougars say I'm handsome Oakland airport, taking pictures when I'm landed Bad bitch magnet, Ray got me dancing Pull up with gorillas like it's animal planet We big mobbin', now she plottin' The gear in the whip like my trip's exotic I be riding everywhere, I ain't hiding I be styling, with them stylists, cut her off 'cause she was childish Yeah I'm bout it, floss I got it, got that product in my pocket G-Star jeans got really deep pockets Cross faded in the club, head nodding Touch the bag, run it back, get it poppin' And my momma riding Louie for her luggage Looked him in his eyes and I knew that he was bluffing 20 cash O, blow a check like it was nothing Not from the D, but I'm Cartier buffing Yeah, now I need 20 for a feature And I really got it, out the swamp, I'm a creature Hella smart 'cause my momma was a teacher Never sleeping, eyes open 'cause I know these niggas leeches I'm a beast and everything these rapper saying is facetious All cash for my whip it ain't no leases, got my pink slips That's on everything, I promise I'm gon' run it up Yeah I made a lot of money, but it's not enough All I got is time for it, that's the bottom line Won't spit a flow without no dollar signs, and that not a lie Yeah, got it poppin' in the Rich She choosin', but I ain't tryna knock a nigga bitch That's foolish, I'm all about my profit, gettin' rich Used to it, so really you are not surprised as shit I was raised different, live by a set of rules I'm a boss, shit don't move, it don't get approved Lotta drank, lotta food, and a lotta jewels Seen your section in the club, it's a lotta dudes Something gotta move, I'mma make it all shake The bay in good hands, call me Suzy Allstate I'mma make you jump like a ball fake I do not respect they rhythm cause the all fake, ay Yeah, and they all hate Frank Sinatra of this shit I did it my way [Outro] $$$, beep