IZZ - Lornadoone lyrics

Lornadoone was born in the month of June
The night was full with moon
Her Mum gave out her last breath without a doubt,
"Take care, my bonnie doone"

Father was so mistaken
With her fine yellow hair, she was sweet not a bear
So he cared for his daughter
Giving gifts every day, cutting words were her way

Lornadoone would sing such a lovely tune inside her room
Father cried, each day did he run and hide,
"Please take my Lornadoone."

By the time she was sixteen
He was out of his head
Every day did he dread
But he promised her mother
A fine life, a fine lad, this is all she would have

So he set out a sum, in the memory of mum
And he promised a lad a fine lady
He must win her heat to earn his fair part
Even though it all sounded quite shady
The lads came a-running, she was venomous and cunning
Proceeding to make herself clear
"They all act like boars, I hate them" she roared
"Away with them, no one come near!"

Father canceled the offer
But a suitor did swear he would win her fine hair
He became such a villain
So to tempt such a tempest, she'd finally give in

Lornadoone left home in the month of June
The sun was high with noon
And father cried his last words without a doubt
"Take care my Lornadoone"
The End

All lyrics are copyright Doonmore Music Publishing