IXXI - The End Of Degenerations lyrics

[music: Nattdal, lyrics: crwth & Acerbus]

Forcefeeding the derelict
Littering the earth for fun
Violently wielding blood-addict
A solemn truth you cannot outrun

Terrorthrowing hypocrites
Covering up in mental lard
Blistering bombs in a shell of death
We march to destroy and wreak you all

Stepping on your comfort lie
Soon it's time for you to die

The Devil in disguise, Demonic
Whispering in the ears of the evildoer
Eagle made of iron flying through the clouds

Final reckoning in the name of Allah
Allah Akbar!
The Devil sure works in mysterious ways!

Starstruck by lack of morality
Born to a war of divinity

Hellborn true invincibility
To bring you death

Bla bla bla ostensively
Bla bla bla delusively
Bla bla bla entirely
To stop your fucking breath